Artigo Científico 11/10/2021

Estimation of COVID-19 under-reporting in Brazilian States through SARI

  • Balthazar Paixão
  • Lais Baroni
  • Rebecca Salles
  • Luciana Escobar
  • Carlos de Sousa
  • Marcel Pedroso
  • Raphael Saldanha
  • Rafaelli Coutinho
  • Fabio Porto
  • Eduardo Ogasawara


Due to its impact, COVID-19 has been stressing the academy to search for curing, mitigating, or controlling it. However, when it comes to controlling, there are still few studies focused on under-reporting estimates. It is believed that under-reporting is a relevant factor in determining the actual mortality rate and, if not considered, can cause significant misinformation. Therefore, the objective of this work is to estimate the under-reporting of cases and deaths of COVID-19 in Brazilian states using data from the Infogripe on notification of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI). The methodology is based on the concepts of inertia and the use of event detection techniques to study the time series of hospitalized SARI cases. The estimate of real cases of the disease, called novelty, is calculated by comparing the difference in SARI cases in 2020 (after COVID-19) with the total expected cases in recent years (2016 to 2019) derived from a seasonal exponential moving average. The results show that under-reporting rates vary significantly between states and that there are no general patterns for states in the same region in Brazil.

Publicado na New Generation Computing

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